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Our Expertise: Multiple and diverse sensor technologies dedicated to demanding applications.

For 20 years, our advanced technology has been available worldwide and covers many industrial sectors, making Texys Group one of the world leaders in sensor manufacturing.

Our companies

Texense sensors by Texys logo

Texense® is the range of products designed, manufactured and distributed by Texys and includes many unique and patented technologies.

H2 Motronics Texys logo

H2 Motronics is an external design office, located at a start-ups sector in Nevers, whose primary mission is advanced research.

Optel Texys logo

Paris-based Optel-Texys is an expert in measuring the speed of rotating components using fibre optic technology.

LGS by Texys logo

Light Guide Solutions (LGS), now located in Nevers, develops and manufactures measurement systems using fibre optic sensors.

The Texys group

TEXYS was founded by Etienne Deméocq, the former Head of Electronics for the Ligier Formula 1 team and then Prost Grand Prix.

For 20 years, TEXYS has designed, developed, manufactured and distributed sensors under the TEXENSE® brand, specializing in on-board physical measurements such as pressure, force, temperature, speed, current and inertia. Texys are renown for mastering multiple technologies including infra-red, optical fibre, strain gauging, wireless systems and communication. Texense products are used extensively in many industries, including:

  • Motorsport: Junior series through to the highest levels including, Formula 1, MotoGP, Formula E, Indycar, Endurance, WRC and NASCAR.
  • Aeronautics and Space,
  • Automotive research/development centres and manufacturing.
  • Mechanical and civil engineering.

Now with a team consisting of 45 staff members, based on 4 sites: Nevers, Indianapolis, Karlsruhe and Paris, including a strong worldwide distribution network, TEXYS Group has extended its knowledge of new technology and innovation, with the recent acquisition of companies OPTEL-THEVON and LIGHT GUIDE SOLUTIONS.

In September 2019, in response to customers tailor-made requirements, TEXYS Group launched H2 MOTRONICS, an advanced research and design centre dedicating itself to specific projects in electronics and mechatronics.

This Group’ strategy brings a strong dynamic approach with a global offer to be one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of on-board sensors.

Focus on...

Paris based OPTEL-THEVON, integrated into the TEXYS Group in January 2020. With more than 45 years of experience in the development of non-intrusive optic fibre sensors. OPTEL-THEVON has gained worldwide recognition in the evolution of high speed rotating machines and turbomachinery. Developments are focused on applications related to CO2 emission reduction, Non-Destructive Testing, preventive and predictive maintenance, monitoring, psycho-acoustics, safety, durability, on test benches for development and mapping purposes.

OPTEL-THEVON products are chosen for their high technology and added value, and used extensively in the German market, Japan, Korea and worldwide.

Further expansion of the TEXYS Group has enabled the acquisition of LIGHT GUIDE SOLUTIONS (LGS), increasing the group’s dominant force in optic fibre development and manufacture. Primary products developed and manufactured by LGS include temperature sensors, force and pressure sensors, strain sensors and vibration/shock sensors. Products or proposed solutions can be standard or bespoke depending on customer requirements.

Research, development and manufacture all take place in France.

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